The Toowoomba Turf Club’s annual general meeting, Thursday night, saw a “changing of the guard”.

Bob Frappell officially stepped down after two consecutive terms as Chairman. Mr Frappell handed the reins to fellow committeeman Peter Turnbull, who has previously held the vice-chair and treasurer roles.

TTC Chief Executive Officer Blair Odgers and the committee congratulated Mr Frappell on his tenure, which has been lauded as a particularly “positive and productive period” for the club – including the reinstatement of the grass track surface and change in administration.

New TTC Chairman Peter Turnbull said he “didn’t expect much change” at the club.

“Our business model is working extremely well and we expect our objectives to be met under the guidance of Blair and his management team,” Mr Turnbull said.

TTC committee office bearers elect 2016/17:

  • Chairman Peter Turnbull;
  • Vice-chairman Kent Woodford;
  • Treasurer Bob Frappell; and
  • Committee members Graham Healy, Ken Bullen, Allan Gee, Brian Hewitt, Jim Cosgrove and John Scott.

The TTC also recorded an annual profit of more than $658,000 (EBITDA).