Officials today announced that Toowoomba’s premier thoroughbred racing brand has beenrepositioned as Clifford Park, Home of the Toowoomba Turf Club as part of a fundamental organisational rebrand strategy.

The Toowoomba Turf Club (TTC) was established in 1862 and for over 150 years has conducted thoroughbred racing at Clifford Park, Hursley Road Toowoomba.

The TTC brand has endured this long and rich tradition, however, the operating landscape for thoroughbred racing in Australia has changed since the club’s inception.

Toowoomba Turf Club Chief Executive Officer, Blair Odgers stated that the organisation’s primary focus has shifted to utilising Clifford Park as a venue for functions and events with live thoroughbred racing as the centrepiece.

“Clifford Park is an established venue with a diverse scope of operations including racing, events, functions, club services as well as being one of Queensland’s busiest thoroughbred training centre,” Mr Odgers said.

Toowoomba Turf Club Chairman, Bob Frappell said that Clifford Park has been instrumental for Toowoomba’s social fabrication for over 150 years and we endeavour to be for the next 150 years.

“Utilising Clifford Park as the foremost customer brand will help promote the wonderful facility we have,” Mr Frappell said.

Forming part of the rebrand is a new logo and digital shop front which is valuable in connecting customers with Clifford Park’s extensive products and service offerings. Clifford

Park’s new website can be viewed at and strives to cover the venue’s diverse operations both on and off the track.

The creative design of the new Clifford Park logo has been developed with the following characteristics;

Text – Prominently placed below imagery is the brand name Clifford Park. The link to its traditional purpose as the Home of the Toowoomba Turf Club is placed immediately below.

This is to respect the core purpose of Clifford Park and to ensure that the current recognised branding is linked to the new branding.

Shield – The shield represents strength, tradition and integrity. Clifford Park has operated for in excess of 150 years, through times of prosperity and depression. The integrity of its premier product, racing is paramount to customer confidence. The C and P abbreviations of Clifford Park have been inscribed to mark the shield as Clifford Park’s.

Circular banner – This banner communicates the three key product offerings of Clifford Park; Racing, Functions and Events. This banner is positioned to represent the cyclical nature of the venues continuous operation. This element also follows the rounded characteristic of Clifford Park’s horse racing and training surfaces.

Filigree – The swirling filigree is used to reflect the fine service and decadence of the Clifford Park experience.

Summer Racing at Clifford Park commences Saturday December 5, 2015 and with eight race dates throughout December and January.

Further information can be found by visiting


For further information please contact Toowoomba Turf Club Chief Executive Officer, Blair Odgers on 07 4634 6066.