The Toowoomba Turf Club has appointed Kent Woodford as Chairman following the retirement of Mr Peter Turnbull this week.

Mr Woodford has been an integral member of the club’s management committee for five years, most recently as Deputy Chairman.

Upon retirement, Mr Turnbull stated: “It was in the best interest of the Toowoomba Turf Club that I have decided to retire from the management committee so that I can put my energy into a newly formed Wellness clinic”.

Mr Woodford was appreciative of the support placed upon him by the club’s management committee members following Mr Turnbull’s retirement. “It is an honour to be appointed as Chairman of this historic and progressive club, I am indebted to my fellow committee members for the support they have shown me.”

Ken Bullen has subsequently been appointed Deputy Chairman.

The TTC is excited to also announce founding Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club, Kevin Dixon, has accepted an invitation to fill the casual vacancy on the club’s management committee.
“Kevin brings a wealth of racing administration experience and I am confident he will be an asset to the club,”

“The club has ambitious racing and business diversification strategies, and I am delighted to welcome Kevin, who’s insight and experience will help the club realise our vision.” Mr Woodford said.

In accordance with Toowoomba Turf Club Rules, Mr Dixon will be presented for Member election prior to the 2017 Annual General Meeting.